Medicinal Cannabis Education

There is a lot of confusion, uncertainty and lack of reputable information about Medicinal Cannabis.

Hence it is very important that individuals (with health issues such as chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, migraines, fibromyalgia, cancer related side effects amongst other medical conditions), access reputable health platforms to access Medicinal Marijuana.

In order for health professionals, to practice management of patients with Medicinal Cannabis “It is imperative that they achieve competence by study, courses and other education resources about Medicinal Cannabis”

Many Medicinal Cannabis portals are run by Health professionals with little or no training about Medicinal Cannabis.

An ideal Medicinal Cannabis portal, needs to have a Multidisciplinary team with appropriate knowledge and qualifications to be able to manage a patient in a holistic manner in their Medicinal Cannabis journey.

Thankfully with the advent of telemedicine, there are a number of reputable educational portals on Medicinal Cannabis, to assist the Health professional to acquire the required knowledge and it is up to the health professional to avail of these.

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