Is medicinal cannabis in New Zealand facing a looming crisis?

There are concerns about the availability of Medicinal Cannabis in NZ.

Beyond 31 March 2021, when a deadline to meet stiff new government rules is expected to keep the products of some the country’s main importers out of the market.

In April 2020, the government unveiled a new regulatory system to create more safe, widespread and affordable access to medicinal cannabis. It is yet to approve any product.

On March 31, special provisions, which have allowed companies to import under an old, stop-gap system will expire.

Even after receiving ministry verification, products will face a lag in reaching New Zealand. Companies require licences to both import to New Zealand and export from abroad, these cannot be obtained until after verification, and shipping times are uncertain.

Domestic production, still in its very early stages, is not likely to reach the market until late this year.

Ministry of Health spokesperson have indicated that as of now even though
no products have been approved under New Zealand’s new system, it does expect “a number of products to be verified as meeting quality standards by 1 April 2021.”

So looks like Medicinal Cannabis consumers, will have access to products after 1st April 2021, though it is not yet clear which products will be approved

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